RN S06E04 - Thor

“literally the god of thunder, but he’s blonde now. Wait, is this a Stargate crossover?”

Norse mythology be damned, it’s time to set off on an adventure with the Lady Sif and the Warriors Three, starting in Asgard and ending up in… New Mexico?

In the words of Monty Python: “And now for something completely different.”

RN S06E03 - Iron Man 2

You might have had to wait two weeks for this one, but back in the pre-Disney days we had to wait two whole years for Iron Man 2.

Was it worth the wait, or was this just prep for what was to come later?

“Iron Man must defeat his shadow self, played by Don Cheadle.”

There’s no elephant in this room. Rhodie has been Don Cheadle all along!

RN S06E02 - Iron man

Long before Disney, Thanos and billion dollar movies there was just RDJ, a suit of armour and the quote, “I am Iron Man.”

“Like Batman, but with better mental health and more green smoothies.”

That’s what Nathan thinks he knows about this one, so come and join the Nerds for another bank holiday outing in the MCU as we find out how close he actually was!.

RN S06E01 - Season 6 Preview

The one where we talk about what we're going to talk about over the next 21 episodes.

Thats right, this is the first in what’s going to be an extra long season of Remedial Nerding.

Why is it extra long I hear you say? Well, we’ve decided that to celebrate Avengers: Endgame launching on Thursday it’s time Nathan caught up on what all the fuss is about! Here we’re discussing what he thinks he already knows about the 21 films from the franchise that we’re going to be watching to get him up to speed (because everyone knows standalone Hulk sucks ass).

RN S05E15 - Sub Rosa

RN S05E15.jpg

This week it’s very much a case of Star Trek meets Mills & Boon.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, Mills & Boon is a very dodgy line of softcore romance novels, which is basically what this episode is.

Our penultimate outing with the crew of the Enterprise D is definitely one from the Goof/Bad corner of the chart.

This week we watched S07 E14: Sub Rosa.

RN S05E14 - Parallels

RN S05E14.jpg

If you can remember all the way back to episode 1 of this season of Remedial Nerding (2? 3? years ago?) you might be remembering that we talked about a different episode. Or maybe just the title, it was so long ago I can’t remember!

Anyway, this time out what we ARE doing is following Worf on a journey through the many worlds version of quantum mechanics, all because of some pesky subspace.

I sometimes wonder if that stuff is overrated, but it is a rather handy device for stories like this week’s: Parallels.

RN S05E13 - Chain Of Command

RN S05E13.jpg

This week it’s a tale of two episodes, two captains, two Shakespearean actors and one extended and infamous torture scene.

Definitely uncomfortable viewing, particularly at age 8 on a Wednesday evening, just after tea, and not one to start someone off on, but it’s a true classic and a masterclass in what acting can really be.

No jokes here this week, I’m too traumatised by The Chain Of Command.

RN S05E12 - A Fistful Of Datas

RN S05E12.jpg

This week we’re back off to the holodeck for an adventure in a very cheesy and probably not very child friendly version of the Wild West , but what else would you expect from a program written by Reginald Barclay?

This show is also a good example of why you shouldn’t let Nerds run riot unsupervised, but then if we weren’t allowed to then there would be no Remedial Nerding!

Now go and grab your stetson, your cowboy boots and your southern drawl and come meet us in the Ancient West where we’ll try not to get everyone killed by A Fist Full Of Datas!

RN S05E11 - The Inner Light

RN S0511.jpg

Is Picard a starship captain who dreams he's an alien, or is he an alien who dreams he's a starship captain?

Definitely one from the good bin and a strong contender for best episode from the seven season run, although life would indeed be boring if we all agreed about that!

This week we got to watch a firm fan favourite: S05 E11 - The Inner Light.

Show me Picard's flute!


RN S05E10 - Darmok

RN S05E10.jpg

Dathon and Picard, at El Adrel.

One line summaries aside, this is a welcome return to form IF you can swallow the not inconsiderable conceit.

Hopefully you can, because watching Jean Luc take on an electric Tiger Pokemon with nothing more than a knife as a way to pass the time with a man (alien) who speaks only in fortune cooke quotes is very entertaining.

This week we watched Darmok and Jalad, at Tenagra!

Wait, it's just called Darmok? Whatever, this week it's TNG S05 E02.