RN S03E16 - Chosen




Buffy was a girl,

I mean, she was the slayer girl,

Or maybe she was just the slayer.

But she was still BUFFY!



Slay-ing the vampires,

Slay-ing the demons.

Slay-ing all the evils,

And their armageddon plans!

Armageddon plans!

... Heavy guitar solo goes here...

When all the land is in ruins,

And slaying has forsaken the countryside,

Only one girl will remain,

My money's on:



And the Slayer comes in the night . . .!

Three Nerds in all the world try to work out what the hell has been going on in all the episodes they've skipped over. If you couldn't already guess, an old friend from the early 2000's makes a guest appearance this episode, although he was contemporary with the episode at the time!

This week it's the last episode ever of Buffy: S7 E22 - Chosen.