RN S03E17 - Once More With Feeling

Once More With Feeling

We've come to realise that just watching 15 fairly random and arbitrary episodes of Buffy hasn't really done the show justice, so we're going back to Season 6 (a happier time, when Willow hadn't fallen to the dark side and Tara was still alive) for a musical number!

Quite frankly, how Once More With Feeling didn't make the original list I'm not too sure, but we've decided to include it anyway. Which turns out to be awesome, as it's easily in the top three episodes that we've watched!

You also get 33% more Nerd for your money this week, as we've got a special guest nerd in for Buffy Season 6, Episode 7 - Once More With Feeling.

This is also the last episode of Season 3, but don't worry, we'll be back in the summer for more Remedial Nerding!