RN S04E01 - Season 4 Preview

Remedial Nerding

Remedial Nerding

Remedial Nerding is back for a fourth outing!

This week we discuss the theme for the new season: plot twists! We also discuss the films and, in a first for the show, the video game we'll be watching (and playing) over the coming weeks, as well as who has already seen them and if not, do they know the twist.

Here's the list of what we'll be watching:

E02 Bladerunner

E03 Planet of the Apes

E04 6th Sense


E06 Usual suspects

E07 The prestige

E08 Soylent Green

E09 Fight Club

E10 The Village

E11 The Wicker Man

E12 Memento

E13 Oblivion

E14 Lucky Number Slevin

E15 Shutter Island

E16 The Empire Strikes Back

Also: please don't complain to us about spoilers! There really is nothing we can do about it in this season! We'll finish each episode with a little bit about the next film on the list, so if thats one you really don't want to know thew twist for then you'll just have to skip a week!